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CAIR for Adults

CAIRadults1 CAIR, pronounced “care,” is an abbreviation for Center, Accelerate, Integrate, Reveal. CAIR stands at the intersection of inner guidance and outer direction. It is a new way of looking at success and career planning, one that is balanced and comprehensive.

CAIR work helps you Center, so that you can connect with the core of brilliance within you that is both emotionally and intellectually grounded. This connection then Accelerates your growth, by leading you according to your “genius” inner guidance system. The sessions then help you Integrate this new understanding into the life you have, for a smooth and joyful transition. Finally, the work  helps you bring your true passion out into the world, while genuinely feeling the fulfillment of success, as you Reveal the masterpiece life that only you can craft.

CAIR work can be done in person if you are in Northern California, or by remote session from any location. We apply many of the principles and techniques you will find taught in my books, as well as some additional work that requires direct interaction and immediate feedback from a skilled guide. I particularly love working with people who are introverted or even socially anxious, and who have feared they may never be able to get their work out into the world to create financial abundance while being true to who they are.

Sessions tend to last about an hour, though they are not timed. We complete when the work for the day has been completed. In all ways, we are after the experience of the goal, not just checking the box as “done.” Authenticity is our foremost guide. The goal at the very least is for you to be clear about your trajectory forward, strongly connected with your inner guidance system, and witnessing concrete evidence of progress within your daily life. Ideally we can work together to fully give life to your vision. The work can be scheduled in individual sessions or within targeted programs working toward specific goals. Contact me for a consultation so that we can determine which would best fit your situation.

Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA is the author of Micro Habits for Major Happiness and Being Bliss, and the founder of the Phone Buddies Peer Counseling Community. Over the last 18 years, she has helped hundreds of clients from NY to Hawaii. Call only if you are ready to let go of the “story of me” you have defined yourself by all these years and open to a more expansive and fulfilling way of seeing and being.


What people are saying about CAIR work with Indigo Ocean

“I was fortunate enough to have a session with Indigo and it was great! When I returned to my office I felt very refreshed, clear minded, peaceful and happy. I recommend her services to any and everyone.”
• Bernadette Colmenero

“My session with Indigo was subtle, yet powerful. I experienced a myriad of emotions… I left buoyant, cleansed.”
• Naomi Tamura,
Director of Volunteers

“My sessions with Indigo Ocean were an incredible experience that reenergized my mind-body-spirit connection. I would highly recommend Indigo Ocean to anyone interested in having a blissful life experience.”
• Michael S.,

“If you have experienced Indigo’s powerful transmission directly you know, as I do, that she is a genuine embodiment of bliss, and therefore potently qualified to initiate us into ‘Being Bliss’….”
• Kathryn Masters Darling
Founder, Motherwavework and Soulwave Institute

“When I decided to try Indigo’s counseling I was nervous and kind of scared because I never had anything like that done before. But before Indigo even started, I could feel her energy and I wasn’t scared anymore; I was relaxed…. I was amazed …. It really blew my mind. At the end of the session, I was in tears. It really, really touched my heart. It really felt good.”
• Carla Ayala



Frequent comments:

“I finally feel like myself again.”

“This is exactly what I needed!”


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