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How did 2014 go for your business? If you’re like most of the business owners I’ve spoken with, you made a lot of progress, but also felt a lot of overwhelm. If you’ve already organized, clarified, and simplified your way out of that confusion and anxiety, good for you. If not, let’s get 2015 off to […]

Jennifer Day asked authors to write about books they’ve given or received as gifts. To quote Jennifer, “Our favorite gifts bind us to the givers through memory and meaning. With time, these books morph from presents into totems.” What meaningful memory will you be gifting to your loved ones this year?

I’d like to introduce you all to Julia Melymbrose of Chocolate and Caviar (who clearly knows how to name a company after the finer things in life).  Julia’s company has a great email series you should check out on their website. I’m so grateful that she agreed to guest post to bring some of her wickedly […]

Mutual benefit is always the best plan. In that spirit, I’d like to open the Success Blog up to guest bloggers who would like to grow their audience and offer useful information to small business owners who prefer working in a way that suits an introvert. The topics can vary widely. In fact, it would […]

Can woo-woo company decisions to offer staff personal trainers, yoga classes, and encourage them to “chill out, go for a walk, go sit by our lake, hang out, meditate,” ever lead to increased revenue, decreased customer support tickets, and HR complaints cut in half? Well apparently, yes. And good news, there is now an app that […]

 Do you know the difference between a coach and a mentor? Both are increasingly popular forms of supportive guidance, but there are key differences. Knowing which you are looking for will save you valuable time and money, as well as helping you increase the chances of your being satisfied with the services you receive. You don’t […]

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