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I love software like Nimble that let’s me get a 360 view of everyone who interacts with me on social media, but it gives one pause to think how easy it is to compile all the info we’ve made available about ourselves online. Online privacy is a concern we should all take seriously. Tell me […]

Your inbox is always full. You’re having to use tools like Boomerang to schedule even reading many emails, let alone replying. And social media is what everyone is talking about. What place could mailing list marketing with email possibly have in such a crowded attention space? Well you might be surprised to learn that the Direct […]

It can be so frustrating when people advise you, “Just follow your passion!” Yeah, sure, you’d love to—if only you knew what your passion was. You’re probably the kind of person who works hard, with commitment and persistence. When you know what you’re doing, nothing will stop you. But before you can become unstoppable, you […]

Okay so, unabashed promo here. I absolutely love Toodledo! I have used a lot of business technology over the years. I have published a blog for years exclusively reviewing business apps, but never have a been so thoroughly impressed by the difference an app has made in my daily peace of mind and productivity. I […]

Whether you call them QuotePics or Pic-Quotes, you can imagine exactly what I mean. You’ve seen them all over Pinterest, Facebook, or whatever social media site you frequent. Even users of the 140 character Twitter have started getting in on the action, with more and more people posting images, and often those images having quotes on them. […]

Are you happy? Do you think your answer to that question is a result of where you live or of the choices you would make no matter where you lived? See what you think of this article’s assessment of the “happiest place on Earth.”

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