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Are you familiar with Abraham-Hicks writings, the movie “The Secret,” or any of the many other works on spiritually based manifestation methods? Even the first chapter of my book, Being Bliss, focuses on the laws of manifestation and how we can use spiritual wisdom to create the material enjoyments we believe will make us happy. […]

In various religions you will hear some version of, “Be in the world, but not of it.” I would elaborate a bit to phrase as, “Be fully engaged in the world, but not of it.” It is easier to go to one extreme or the other, and taking the easy route is definitely a part […]

I’ve had that line from a Kate Bush song running through my head the last few days. It just pops up out of nowhere, sometimes when I’m meditating, other times when I’m just going about daily chores. Any time my mind comes to rest, it seems to want to remind me, “Are you giving all […]

The Buddha often described his teaching (which was not called Buddhism while he lived) as “the Middle Way”. Yet the peace and fulfillment of genuine non-attachment is elusive. There is a tendency to either feel passionate or detached, but true non-attachment is not detachment. Often people feel pulled between two poles of frustrated effort and […]

Author, Indigo Ocean