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Hi, I’m Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA. I’m a prolific founder, author and social innovator. I want to live in a world in which everyone is spiritually awake, and yet stuff still gets done. I believe that our lives are meant to express the deepest truth about who we are, whether we are working or playing. We are all meant to have lives that are like works of art, what I call a Masterpiece Life. Please take a look around and find out more about my personal development books, business consulting services, public speaking, and service work with youth…

Indigo Ocean

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Invite Indigo to speak at your next event or deliver a "Masterpiece Life" workshop to youths you serve. Or visit her business development consulting site for small business owners at Awaken Business Consulting. Let Indigo help you tap into your own inner genius to craft the successful business and life you want, fulfilling every aspect of your highest vision.

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Meet Allison Schroeder, the NASA-loving writer of 'Hidden Figures' who was just nominated for an Oscar

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Hidden Figures cast
Indigo Ocean

An inspiring story of what we can dream and then become: Allison Schroeder was on the playground in 1986, chasing a friend around the slide, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. As a first-grader, she was confused by the blast visible from her neighborhood, just 30 minutes south of the launch pad in Cape Canaveral. […]

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