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About Indigo

About_page_author_2 Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA is the founder of the Aspiratech corporate business technology consulting and salesforce training firm, Awaken Business Consulting business development programs for spiritually oriented entrepreneurs, and the Winning Start mindset and business development programs for people of color.

Indigo is also the author of Being Bliss and Micro Habits for Major Happiness.

Indigo received her MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the CA Institute of Integral Studies and her BA in International Commerce from Brown University.

Indigo’s service work background stretches over several decades. Most recently she has taught meditation to incarcerated teenagers as an instructor at Mind, Body Awareness Institute, developed and taught a teen entrepreneur development workshop at Berkeley Youth Alternatives, and served on the Board of Directors of Future Leaders Institute. Before returning to CA in 2007, Indigo worked as a school based Behavioral Health Specialist for the state of Hawaii.

Indigo began volunteering in her teens, creating a county Youth Council at the age of 15 and a summer crafts camp for younger children later that same year. She has been a dance teacher, land trust community builder, and radio talk show host, among her many work/service endeavors over the years.

A message from founder, Indigo Ocean

“Hello, I’m Indigo.  I would describe myself as an ultra-sensitive intuitive with an inescapable need for authenticity. I struggled in the workforce for a decade, going from one entry-level job to another, until I finally developed the psycho-emotional skills I needed to succeed in the workplace. That first decade, I could never stay in a job long enough to get promoted, because I was simply never recharging my batteries fully enough to last more than a year before needing to quit. No matter how much I slept, I never felt rested, and suffered repeated bouts of depression and anxiety. Can you relate to any of this?

Finally, in my 30s, I completed my MA training in Counseling Psychology, made some major life changes to put my psycho-spiritual well-being first, and began healing from the post traumatic stress of a life lived off-center for so many years.

A decade later I also gained the professional business training I needed to translate everything I knew into a form that could transform the professional lives of others. By combining that knowledge and skill with my existing skill set and experience as a counselor, I really became great at what I was offering.

I soon went on to found the Aspiratech business technology consulting firm, which allowed me to achieve a childhood goal of being a ‘self-made millionaire.’ Then in 2014, I launched Awaken business development consulting programs for conscious professionals. It is this work that allows me to fulfill my guiding desire in lifeto help build a world that integrates spiritual and business development within a healthy life, as part of a healthy economy.” ~ Indigo Ocean

Want to Connect with Indigo? Submit the form on the Contact page for general inquiries. To learn more about her Business Development Consulting work, visit her consulting website at Awaken Business Consulting or for people of color focused on financial recovery from slavery and other forms of generational adversity, visit TheWinningStart.com