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Being Bliss


Being Bliss was inspired when the author received a false medical diagnosis that made her fear for her life. The clarity that she developed during the months it took to verify that she was not in fact imperiled was that if she was going to leave this world soon, she didn’t want to leave without having shared the fruits of her own path of suffering and triumph over suffering with others.

Author Indigo Ocean began struggling with depression early in life, with her first suicide attempt at only 9 years of age. Through many years of spiritual study and practice she was able to transform a life of utter despair into a life guided and infused by the bliss of our true inner nature.

Being Bliss is a book of stories and techniques that will help you learn from the author’s experiences and professional psychotherapy training to see that: miracles do happen, no matter how bad things are you can change your life by changing your choices, and techniques for doing so can be easily learned and grown into skills.

What Reviewers Have Said About Being Bliss:

“Being Bliss is a strong, clear, and inspiring testimonial of one woman’s power to live from her spirit. Indigo Ocean has woven her experiences, both painful and ecstatic, into a tapestry that will move you to make your life more worthwhile. I am touched by her dynamic model of realness and spiritual authority.” — Alan Cohen, author of Why Your Life Sucks

“Being Bliss has the power to inspire many to discover spiritual awakening, because it comes not merely from the author’s intellect, but from her heart, which is enriched with wisdom and love. It is pure and moving.”— Anam Thubten, author of No Self, No Problem And The Magic of Awareness

“If you have experienced Indigo’s powerful transmission directly, you know, as I do, that she is the genuine embodiment of bliss, and therefore potently qualified to initiate us into being bliss through this fantastic book.” — Kathryn Masters Darling, founder of Motherwavework and Soulwave Institute

“The content is original and informative. It links elements of various meditative practices to reach specific and highly desirable results. The directions for practice are clear and easy to follow, and move from the simple to the more complex…. This book is on par with Cameron’s The Artist’s Way for utility and accessibility of content. The writing is flawless. Its practicality makes it one of the better books in this subject area that I’ve read. I intend to buy it when it’s published. This is definitely an Editor’s Choice book.” — Editor’s Choice Review Committee

Don’t wait another moment—Isn’t it time you revealed your true nature?

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