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Mastering emotions before they master you.

Most of us aren’t sitting on trust funds, nor have we reached retirement age. We work because we need to work in order to keep the mortgage paid and food on the table. Because of this need for work in order to survive, it is easy to lose track of our deeper motivations in life. […]

While this Happify infographic completely misunderstands what social anxiety is, it presents some really great reminders for introverts who want to be happy, while embracing their inner locus of control.

With the recent death of prominent comedian and actor, Robin Williams, the topic of suicide has once again emerged into the national conversation. Though every day people of less notoriety give up on their hope for a life they feel is worth living, Williams’ death shines a spotlight on an often overlooked aspect of ideas […]

We have all faced a great deal of both suffering and joy in our lives. The world of ego is by nature a constantly fluctuating dance of cruelty and beauty. Though we all suffer, each of us carries a unique personal story of how we have been wounded by the very nature of the world […]

Are you familiar with Abraham-Hicks writings, the movie “The Secret,” or any of the many other works on spiritually based manifestation methods? Even the first chapter of my book, Being Bliss, focuses on the laws of manifestation and how we can use spiritual wisdom to create the material enjoyments we believe will make us happy. […]

Author, Indigo Ocean