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Have you worked hard  all your life, but still find you are checking your bank balances to make sure all expenses will clear? Are you doing all right financially, but finding yourself dragging yourself out of bed each morning, to work at a job or business that just isn’t inspiring you anymore… if it ever […]

I’m really happy to announce that my latest book, Micro Habits for Major Happiness: Everything you need to build true success, one easy step at a time was released last week. The reviews in its first week have been great, and I’m now really eager for as many people to find out about it as possible […]

This is the inaugural post of the new Indigo Ocean weblog. The previous blog is still up on blogspot, but we will be gradually migrating select posts here. Please keep checking back, as new material is added each day. In general, this blog will likely have new articles each week, bringing you uplifting reminders, inspiring […]

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