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Articles on achieving holistic balance and well-being within the context of a productive and successful life

Most of us aren’t sitting on trust funds, nor have we reached retirement age. We work because we need to work in order to keep the mortgage paid and food on the table. Because of this need for work in order to survive, it is easy to lose track of our deeper motivations in life. […]

How many hours did you spend online yesterday? How about last week? Unless you were on vacation, it was probably a major chunk of your life… and even if you were on vacation, you likely spent some time online each day. These electronic tools are incredibly useful when it’s time to be productive and acquire […]

What does success mean to you? For some the idea is limited to financial wealth, political power, or career advancement. But for our conversation, let’s define success as the living of a life that makes us rise each morning with joyful enthusiasm for the day ahead, feel good about the impact we are having on […]

Author, Indigo Ocean