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Clarity Planning for 2015 – How to Cover Your Business Bases

How did 2014 go for your business? If you’re like most of the business owners I’ve spoken with, you made a lot of progress, but also felt a lot of overwhelm. If you’ve already organized, clarified, and simplified your way out of that confusion and anxiety, good for you. If not, let’s get 2015 off to a great start by ending the overwhelm in your business.

The main contributors to a sense of overwhelm are:

  • Lack of Focus
  • Genuine Blind-spots
  • Lack of Planning
  • Lack of Enjoyment
  • Disconnection from Inspiration


Lack of Focus

Trying to do too many different things at once is bound to overwhelm anyone. When you don’t know what you need to be doing, you also don’t know what you need to NOT be doing right then. Everything just keeps spinning around in your head, taunting you with a sense of things left undone.

Even trying to get organized can do more harm than good, if not done the right way. Too many items on your To Do list can lead to a lack of productivity. You wind up prioritizing on the fly, because you simply cannot humanly get everything done you have obligated yourself to do.


Genuine Blindspots

What does it take to successfully run a business? I don’t mean to create a website, get some business cards, and start marketing products or services; I mean build an actual business. Do you know what characterizes a business and what systems and operational elements are needed to create stability and reliable growth? If you don’t, then again, of course you are going to feel overwhelmed. You genuinely never know that you are doing everything you need to do, because you don’t know what you need to be doing.


Lack of Planning

A little inspiration is a good thing, but if you’re winging it all the time, as your business grows you are going to feel more and more confusion and exhaustion. It will cause you to jump from one thing to the next, and therefore make very slow progress. And what progress you do make won’t even feel like accomplishment. All you’ll be able to see is the barrage of items that keep popping up in your head, crying for your attention. This can lead to procrastination, which just exacerbates the underlying problem of simply having no clear plan guiding your efforts each week.


Lack of Enjoyment

So let’s say you’ve got a plan, and it’s a focused plan that includes all the activities a growing business needs to be engaged in to succeed. But you just aren’t working the plan. You just don’t do it. Procrastination is a response to a variety of different situations — self-doubt, self-sabotage, lack of clarity, etc.

It is also sometimes a response to the fact that you just really don’t want to do whatever you are avoiding. If you’ve made your plans around a long list of “shoulds” that don’t give you any enjoyment when you’re doing them, you are coming from the wrong mindset in planning your business success. Living a life you dread is not success, no matter how many dollars come with it.


Disconnection from Inspiration

Similar to a lack of enjoyment, being cut off from your natural enthusiasm and insight can make life very dull. You will be prone to procrastination if you don’t tap into your well of inspiration and let that fuel your activities. Spending too much time focused on what your mind is telling you, and not enough on what your heart and gut are telling you, can only lead to a very empty sort of “success.” Usually it just leads to despair. The worst feeling in the world is to believe you are already doing everything right, and that the results are meaningless. It is vitally important to realize that if you aren’t including inspiration in your plans, you aren’t doing everything right, and things can in fact get much, much better.



The most important decision to make if you want to end the overwhelm and bring clarity, peace and joy into your business life, is simply to decide that you will do whatever it takes to do so. You have to commit 100% to NOT being satisfied by dragging yourself from day to day, or rushing from minute to minute, or feeling exhausted all the time, with your mind spinning and your heart yearning for a sense of satisfaction that eludes you.

I have faced these sames foes in my own business, which led me to create a process to address each of these impediments to success. The process helped me immensely, so I then began sharing it with my business consulting clients. I then learned that it had helped them make the shift from struggling to enjoying the day to day of business life, so I knew I had to figure out a way to share it with more people than I could possibly work with 1-to-1.

What came out of it was the Awaken Weekly Activities Planning Kit. I’m happy to make it available to you at no cost. Yes, it is a free gift. Claiming the gift will also add you to the Good Vibe Tribe, giving you access to weekly gifts of useful business information, resources and inspiration. You can of course unsubscribe if ever you want and keep the planning kit, but I think you’ll find other things you are sent to be equally valuable to you and will in fact want to share with friends.

Happy holidays, and may your 2015 be the best year you have had to date for genuine satisfaction and success in your business and life.

Indigo Ocean

Indigo Ocean

Indigo is the author of "Being Bliss" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." She has been a prolific entrepreneur and innovator who has founded several companies and service projects. Indigo currently focuses on her writing and her service project at TheWinningStart.com

10 thoughts on “Clarity Planning for 2015 – How to Cover Your Business Bases”

  1. I liked this blog article a lot. I just started a business with my mom this year. We make greeting cards, soaps, bath salts and beanies. It’s A lot of work – I never realized how much. I really appreciated this article! It gives me some much-needed clarity!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that it is helpful and best of luck to you and your Mom with your business. I hope the planning kit helps you get from where you are to your next step — with joy!

  2. I’ve decided to do more planning in 2015. I think fear kept me from making the necessary adjustments I need to make for my business in 2014, but I’m getting over it and jumping in head first! Great post!

  3. Hey Indigo
    Really enjoyed reading this and you gave some good tips for starting off 2015 right. I particularly resonated with the idea of doing things from a place of enjoyment. Ultimately the results we get depend on our overall energy and expectations and not the actual actions, so by doing things we enjoy doing to build our business, we create a fertile ground for success with less effort and strain. By doing things we don’t want, but think we should because that is what someone else did to build their business, or whatever, we may still get results, but it will take longer and it will feel so much harder.

    1. Yeah, you’d be surprised how much people resist that idea. Someone yesterday in another online discussion actually complained about people advising someone to think about vision and mission in her work, insisting she needed to focus on the business’s financial survival, so accounting, sales and marketing ONLY. It’s so deeply ingrained in many people to see it as an either or proposition, where you have to choose between being happy and being financially successful. So grateful to be out of that mindset.

  4. Indigo,

    Thanks so much for your tips. I believe one of my weakness as I seek to develop a plan for my professional life is that of focus. My goal for 2015 is to become more intentional with the way I spend my time, money, and resources. Thanks for these tips that can be able in every aspect of our lives.

    1. Definitely use the planning kit to help you with this, Kimberly. The more you look at things comprehensively the easier it is to know what to focus on and be consistent in doing so.

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