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MasterPiece Life Youth Programs


My work with youth lies at the intersection of life planning, focused relaxation, social responsibility and emotional resilience. I am focused on guiding young people toward a life filled with meaningful and fulfilling participation in their society and happiness in their personal lives.

After first building a foundation in focused relaxation, emotional awareness and inquiry, the youths are taught to look and listen deeply and tap into their inner wisdom to make the best choices. Then through the powerful art of story, they are led to deepen their understanding of their lives, where they have been and where they are headed, and how choices shape that trajectory. Without losing sight of their felt sense of authenticity, they are then guided in their exploration of what for them might constitute a “Masterpiece Life.”

The place of both career work and social participation in their lives is clarified within that context — whether that is fulfilled for them by creating a business that has a social impact, embarking upon a non-profit career path, or volunteering as a core part of their life whatever their paid work may be.

The ultimate goal is to help young people develop a clear and holistic vision of who they are in the world, leading to financial security, emotional fulfillment, and social engagement. I’m dedicated to providing young people with a solid foundation for true success throughout their lives.

Logistics: Courses run 4 weeks, with twice weekly meetings during after school hours, and are arranged by age group. Courses generally run by season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer sessions).

Youth Programs/Schools: Call us or submit the form on our Contact page to arrange a course for the youths you serve. Each 8 session course accommodates up to 15 students and costs $4,000. A sliding scale is available for organizations serving youths in high need areas.