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Get organized with Toodledo

Toodledo screenshotOkay so, unabashed promo here. I absolutely love Toodledo! I have used a lot of business technology over the years. I have published a blog for years exclusively reviewing business apps, but never have a been so thoroughly impressed by the difference an app has made in my daily peace of mind and productivity.

I know CRM systems. I know email marketing systems. I know online databases, and screencasting, and on and on and on. And all that is incredibly useful for a growing business. And I’ve worked with a number of other task management systems in the past — from Outlook To-Dos, to Salesforce.com tasks, to Wunderlist task app and more. I most recently was a bit of a Wunderlist fan, and then I discovered Toodledo.


The Best Toodledo Features and Benefits


  • Don’t just record your To Do list, organize it around short-term, long-term and lifelong goals. If you set up some goals then include the field when you create new tasks, anytime you view the goal itself you can see your daily progress toward each goal by the tasks you are completing. This really brings tremendous peace of mind when you have a lot on your plate and start wondering if you are really on track productively, or just spinning your wheels. You can even chain the goals, so that some short-term goals contribute to long-term or lifelong goals, but you only have to put the short-term goal on the task!

  • Use it on just about any device. I tend to be on my laptop a lot, but when I’m on my android phone or my iPad, I see and can manage the same tasks.

  • Share entire folder of tasks with others, such as sending your Virtual Assistant the tasks you want completed for the week and watching in real time as he/she completes them… or even as simple as sending a shopping list to your partner so they can pick up needed items on their way home.

  • Sort tasks in an incredible variety of ways, so that the information is most meaningful to you, and go up to 3 levels deep with the sort. E.g. by due date and then by priority and then by goal

  • Generate insightful reports with just a click showing you things like a pie chart of how much of your time goes to different types of activities, the average length of certain tasks, and more

  • Is fully compatible with Allen’s popular Getting Things Done (GTD) planning model for productivity, including the ability to mark sub-tasks as “Next Action, ” create outlines and lists, and as already mentioned, associate tasks with goals so that you only have to track one, and the one is the more immediate and “digestible” of the two.


Toodledo Costs and Details

You can use the service for free if you don’t need sub-tasks. I find them to essential to do without, because I like to visually break-down the steps I will need to complete within larger tasks, and feel progress much sooner than it may take to complete the main task. You can also only keep up to 30 items in a list (not Tasks — different feature) with the free version, and only see the history of completed tasks going back a week.

If you decide to more fully utilize the app’s capabilities, you can pay $14.99/year, $29.99/year or $89.99/year. You get most features you’re likely to need at the $15 mark, but if you want to store file attachments in the system, you’ll need to go to the $30 level. If you need to store a lot of files, like 11-50GB worth, then the $90 annual plan is the one you need. I’m on the middle plan right now, but may wind up downgrading if I don’t wind up using the attachments feature in the near future.

I suggest you check it out and if you find it useful, I would love for you to use this Toodledo link to sign up for your free trial so that I will be credited for the referral. I don’t get money for that, but I do get free months added onto my service, and since I’m pretty sure this is going to be a lifelong love affair, it will definitely get used. Thanks if you will.

Are there other productivity tools you really love? If so, share them in the comments. Or if you’re a Toodledo lover to, come on out and tell the world.

Indigo Ocean

Indigo Ocean

Indigo is the author of "Being Bliss" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." She has been a prolific entrepreneur and innovator who has founded several companies and service projects. Indigo currently focuses on her writing and her service project at TheWinningStart.com

16 thoughts on “Get organized with Toodledo”

  1. Paper is what I use to track tasks – and 3 ring binders. I find that if I can read over and grab it, it’s easier for me, rather than remembering what app or what link on my computer/browser I have to go to.

  2. You know, Jennetta, I have lots of notebooks lying around that I jot my To Do’s in, especially when I’m trying to organize my thoughts from a deeper level, but it really has made a difference introducing this one app. I think part of it is that I’m online a lot, so when it sends me reminders I see them right away, whereas things I’ve written I have to remember to review often enough to not miss anything. That need for a mental prompt actually takes up a little of my mental energy that is has felt great to get back. But honestly, just having to put in the goals and track each task I add to one (don’t have to, but I choose to), has done so much more for helping me see and feel my productivity than my paper lists ever did. Give it a try and see what you wind up still doing a couple weeks from now.

  3. I would recommend this to my supervisor. It seems like she is so out of whack! Haha. Reading through this post, I think it is indeed a great app to have. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Glad to be of assistance, Eileen. I think Asana may be a better work team app for similar purposes. But maybe your boss could use Toodledo in her personal life and clear her head for office responsibilities more at least. Both are great apps. I use Toodledo for work I have to do, but use other apps for coordinating the work of others.

  5. I need this in my life! Running 3 businesses requires tons of organization and at this price point that’s an amazing deal!

  6. Hey Indigo
    Thanks so much for this review. I could use something like this. I’m not super disorganized or anything but sometimes I can get a bit off track or not manage my time as well. This seems like a perfect program to give some order to my mind! And an endorsement from you makes me think it is a really great program.

    1. Kelli you have got an awesome situation, but even living in paradise, things can spin around in your head of what you are creating. Just getting it out of your head is a big step. This program though is the best I’ve seen for going far beyond even that.

  7. Carissa and Janeane — Glad it speaks to you. And yes, the price is amazing ($15 per year!) and it works across so many different devices. We’re getting things done, ladies.

  8. Thank you.
    I just wanted to ask about asana but saw that you already commented on it. Asana is what I am trying right now and I feel quite ok with it. Maybe I will have a look into Toodledo and the price is great.

  9. Long-time Toodledo lover here. Some complain the UI is a bit dated, but it is so powerful and everything you need is right in your face. They’ve recently hired a UX person to redesign things for beauty and productivity so it’s only getting better, including the recent addition of Android app.

    Another favorite is Evernote. Evernote truly is my external brain. Everything goes in there because it’s so easy to find later. Meeting notes, song ideas, owners manuals, whiteboard photos, business card photos, audio notes, business receipts and much more.

    When I found these two apps didn’t “talk” I built a way to get the tasks from my meeting notes into Toodledo where the tasks will actually get done.

    1. Glad to find another Toodledo lover! I have played around with Evernote, but never quite “got” it. It comes installed on my new machines, so I have it on all my devices I think, but it works a bit differently than my brain does. I know it is a popular app for a reason though. Those who get it, love it.

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