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Talk to My Entrepreneurial Peeps: Guest Blog at the Success Blog

Guest bloggers wantedMutual benefit is always the best plan. In that spirit, I’d like to open the Success Blog up to guest bloggers who would like to grow their audience and offer useful information to small business owners who prefer working in a way that suits an introvert. The topics can vary widely. In fact, it would be great it you write about things I don’t normally write about. The point of this is to bring fresh perspectives to my readers, while also helping other bloggers reach more introvert entrepreneurs.

The site gets about 9000 visitors per month right now, and that is expected to continue growing. We’re only a few months old, so we consider our growth rate pretty awesome. I’d love for you to be a part of that. As you can see looking at previous posts, blog articles typically get between 5-20 comments, depending on the popularity of the topic.

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

1 – How to Submit Proposed Article: If you’re interested, please submit the Contact form on this website and choose “guest blogging inquiry” as the subject. Then within the expandable comments box enter the details of your proposed article (subject matter, core message, length, target date of delivery) and the URL for a recent article you’ve written.


2 – Extras You’ll Get: With you article you will get a bio box at the bottom of the post (as you can see on this article of mine) which  can include up to 2 links to your website/ social accounts. All Success Blog articles are also remarketed by iCopyright, so unless you specifically tell me you want to opt-out, you article might be redistributed again by them. Lastly, a digest of all blog articles goes out to my mailing list on the first of each month, so your article would be shared again there.


3 – A Note on Writing Quality:  I’m a writer first and an entrepreneur second, so my standards for the quality of the writing I’ll share with my audience are pretty high. I will definitely take a look at the grammar and message clarity of the sample blog article you send me, just as much as considering the proposed subject’s fit with my readers.


If you have any questions, just pose them in the comments below. I look forward to helping you grow your audience while bringing new insights to mine.


Indigo Ocean

Indigo Ocean

Indigo is the author of "Being Bliss" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." She has been a prolific entrepreneur and innovator who has founded several companies and service projects. Indigo currently focuses on her writing and her service project at TheWinningStart.com

16 thoughts on “Talk to My Entrepreneurial Peeps: Guest Blog at the Success Blog”

  1. Hey Indigo
    Love what you said about mutual benefit. I am an introvert as well, and since started offering my own coaching services, I guess that kind of makes me an entrepreneur too! I would love to guest post. As you know, I write personal development in general, and don’t have a business angle on it. I’ll have to give some thought to a topic that I think you would find appropriate, and will get in touch, and if you like it, we’ll go from there!

  2. What a great way to get different perspectives! I’m a extrovert and a wedding and event planner working from home with 2 little ones under 4. It’s been a challenge and I’m not as successful as I would be without having kids, but wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. It could be pretty much any topic, Becca, so long as it relates to succeeding as an entrepreneur. I intentionally want to go broader with the approach to the topic. Besides marketing and business technology, what also might be helpful in succeeding in business, especially as an introvert?

    2. Got it! My audience probably does lean towards introverts, but if there is an entrepreneurial topic you’d like to write about that has nothing to do with marketing/networking then it would likely be relevant for any small business owner.

  3. ” I’m a writer first and an entrepreneur second, so my standards for the quality of the writing I’ll share with my audience are pretty high.” LOVE that. I agree wholeheartedly when it comes to content that I share.

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