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Micro Habits for Major Happiness



Think about the word “micro.” It not only means small, but really, really small. So small that it can’t be seen with the naked eye. What we are looking for in Micro Habits is not just a small first step that can be taken for change, and not even the smallest first step that could be taken. We are looking for something that lies hidden to the naked eye, an understanding that you have to dive deep to even see.

We use Micro Habit technique both to see into ourselves deeply enough to discover the right habits to aim to build for true fulfillment, and then to build each habit itself, one small step at a time.


Micro Habits will teach you to build the life you want, one easy step at a time. Rather than using motivation, which tends to be short-lived and undependable, it helps you build solid skills that you can apply in all areas of your life. It will help you effectively leave behind patterns of unfulfilling achievement, procrastination, or even self-sabotage, which may have characterized your life up to now.

The emphasis in Micro Habits is on first getting past inertia — the tendency for objects at rest to remain at rest — so that you can benefit from momentum — the tendency for objects in motion to remain in motion.

As you practice these easy little behaviors, they will become habits that persist even after the initial elation of “something new” is long gone. Eventually you will again be running on habit much of the time, just new habits that advance you toward ever increasing happiness.


The author developed Micro Habits out of a combination of Master’s degree training in Counseling Psychology, experience gained counseling professionals in private practice, personal experience transforming a life of misery into one of fulfillment and peaceful joy, participation in the Phone Buddies online peer counseling community she founded, work as a school-based Behavioral Health Specialist for the state of Hawaii, and experience teaching meditation to incarcerated teenagers.

Each of these groups of clients, including the troubled teens, were able to uncover and overcome their inner obstacles to self-mastery and chart a path toward meaningful achievement. They developed more self-awareness, strengthened their willpower, and showed themselves again and again that they could set a goal, however small, and then reliably achieve it 100% of the time.


This book is for anyone who wants a greater experience of success in life. Whether you have already achieved significant outer success or have been plagued by repeated disappointment, this book will get you moving toward genuine fulfillment.

It will be particularly helpful for those of you who know you have resistance to doing what is best for you. You may have clear ideas about what you should do. Whether those ideas are ideal or not is something you will discover as you engage in the process, but at this point it doesn’t even matter. You just can’t do it, because you get discouraged, distracted or defeated before you overcome inertia.

And yet, here you are, reading this. You haven’t given up. You are proactively reaching out for help. Now we just need to see how serious you are about it.

See the book at Micro Habits for Major Happiness: Everything you need to build true success, one easy step at a time on Amazon. Read the first portion, using the “Search Inside this Book” feature, then decide if this is the right book for you to get your life moving toward what you want to be, do or have. If you do this, with this small action, you will have taken a first step that will have you looking back with joy and fulfillment in the weeks to come, knowing that life really was meant to be joyful and that you are in fact the master of your own destiny.