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New Book Released: Micro Habits for Major Happiness

MicroHabitscoverI’m really happy to announce that my latest book, Micro Habits for Major Happiness: Everything you need to build true success, one easy step at a time was released last week.

The reviews in its first week have been great, and I’m now really eager for as many people to find out about it as possible (which is why there is a free book announcement at the end of this article). I can see that I have successfully conveyed a key component of the work I do in CAIR Counseling within a book format, that allows each reader to build the skills and use them to take charge of their own success trajectory.

I call it a Personal Happiness Trajectory, because true success means that whatever your outer appearances, you are genuinely fulfilled inside. The unique approach that Micro Habits takes to building success is that it is grounded in proven psychotherapy principles that were always meant to be self-directed. Meaning, not require a psychotherapist. The technique works, and the application to success conditioning makes it even more relevant to most people’s lives.

Not everyone is trying to overcome a childhood difficulty. For many people there was simply never the conditioning they needed to build success habits. Micro Habits is an effective little book that gets right to the point in helping readers do exactly that. I’m very proud of it, and hope you will read it, and that you find the approach works for you.

I look forward to hearing your stories, so please come back and use the Contact form to share your feedback. Or just comment below if you want your feedback to be public. And of course, Amazon reviews are always appreciated!

Here are snippets from a few of the reviews already there:

A short read, with easy to follow suggestions on small changes to better one’s life. Unlike many other self-help books I’ve read, I was really able to connect with myself and didn’t feel as if whatever goal I had (better health) was too big for me to pursue. I was able to start small with Micro Habits and never felt overwhelmed each day… The focus on the consciousness was a definite change for me, but it made me more aware of myself. This was an amazing book, glad I had the chance to read it.” ~ Regina

Wow, this little book appeared at the just the right moment! I had just come out of a long reflection on making major changes in my life. Reading [the author’s] ideas on making micro changes is making the process doable.
Micro Habits brought back to mind another beneficial book I’ve enjoyed reading many times: ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’. [This] book is better! It’s succinct, clear and offers simple and practical steps and practices for working with the subconscious to see hindrances and methods to move in the opposite direction. From the very first pages, I was immediately feeling relief and a sense of optimism for building success.” ~ Seamus Berkeley

Micro Habits for Major Happiness offers a simple, proven method for transforming the inertia of the status quo into momentum for creating a happier life. It shows us how to work with our subconscious mind to move from resistance to results by creating new, positive habits that even a seven-year old child could master. The author worked with prisoners who were able to succeed in changing their lives with the approach outlined here. Personally, I felt moved to tears when reading this wonderfully clear and helpful book, as if the author was speaking directly to a part of my spirit that I had been ignoring. I love the way it offers clever tools that are easy to use on a daily basis. Feeling grateful and already moving forward!” ~ JD

You can read more reviews on the book’s page on Amazon. I’m so encouraged by what I’ve read in feedback so far, that I’ve decided to offer the book for free through the weekend so that anyone who wants to benefit from it can. If you can help in spreading the word, it is greatly appreciated. They will thank you and so will I.  Enjoy!