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 When you are self-employed, you wind up wearing a lot of different hats. It can be easy to develop a routine of going it alone. You may be managing your schedule so that nothing is falling through the cracks, but are you really maximizing your business’s potential? And I’m not just talking about assistance with […]

 What is soul money? Well imagine that each person was born with natural talents and gifts, and a desire to share those gifts with the world. While they might enjoy doing many things, and might develop all sorts of skills over the years, they would only feel truly fulfilled in life when they had developed […]

We don’t have to get into all that stuff about journeys and destinations, and which one matters, to know that both bring us varying degrees of happiness. Whether it’s getting to California on a cross-country road trip or getting accepted into a college, those varying degrees of happiness are really determined by how we envision […]

With the recent death of prominent comedian and actor, Robin Williams, the topic of suicide has once again emerged into the national conversation. Though every day people of less notoriety give up on their hope for a life they feel is worth living, Williams’ death shines a spotlight on an often overlooked aspect of ideas […]

What do you think of that final assertion? Is the primary purpose of a life dream “to get us in touch with where dreams come from, where passion comes from, where happiness comes from,” as Bu claims? Or is that just an easy way to accept giving up on one’s dreams, rather than growing into […]

How many hours did you spend online yesterday? How about last week? Unless you were on vacation, it was probably a major chunk of your life… and even if you were on vacation, you likely spent some time online each day. These electronic tools are incredibly useful when it’s time to be productive and acquire […]

Author, Indigo Ocean