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Where In the World?

What’s the best place to be 30, 50 or even 100 years from now? I was reading an article yesterday on the best places to live (long after I die) in 2100.

Mostly random speculation, of course, but to some extent I am genuinely thinking about what happens 30 years from now. Likely I’ll still be alive, and the pace of floods, fires, hurricanes, and other natural responses to a warming world will have accelerated significantly by then. Since I’m pretty location-fluid these days, now is a good time to be considering where I may want to put down roots that won’t get washed away when I’m in my 80s.

I’ve lived most of my life on coasts of oceans. First I was on the Atlantic Ocean, then the Pacific, then the Indian, then back to the Atlantic, and finally back to the Pacific. With this most recent move, I strongly considered going back to Hawaii, but decided instead to for the first time in my life make myself landlocked. I moved to the mountains of the desert instead.

I’m not entirely clear why I was led to this place, and led I was. I live a spirit-led life, so I go where I’m sent. But I’m not sure why here.

One reason it might be is that this will be a relatively stable location for the rest of my lifetime. Sure, there are forest fires anyplace their are forests, and with rising temperatures and diminishing rain, those are occurring more frequently too. But there is nowhere I would want to live that doesn’t at least have forests. (I suppose rainforests of the world that aren’t anywhere near an ocean may be something to research.)

This is not a place with earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, etc. And there is a river and snow-capped mountains in Winter. These are going to increasingly be important consideration for where to make a home in the world.

Does it seem strange to be looking at the world in terms of likelihood of disaster?

The article I mentioned earlier spoke about places like Siberia. Yeah, definitely not headed there anytime soon. Also on the list were the more palatable Bangor, Maine and Chicago, IL, basically anywhere on the Great Lakes that was cold enough now to still be cool enough later. In the not so distant future, access to clean drinking water is apparently going to be quite the issue.

Do you ever think about what the experience of nature will be like for you and your family 30-50 years from now?

Do you think it will be pretty much the same as it is today?

Are you making any adjustments based on what you expect?


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Indigo Ocean

Indigo Ocean

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