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Work as Service: Connecting with your natural desire to uplift others

Most of us aren’t sitting on trust funds, nor have we reached retirement age. We work because we need to work in order to keep the mortgage paid and food on the table. Because of this need for work in order to survive, it is easy to lose track of our deeper motivations in life. This can particularly be true for entrepreneurs, because what little extra energy we have at the end of a standard work day often goes into the endless endeavor of “growing the business.” The business itself becomes our “baby,” who always could use a little something more from us.

In the short run, we can focus completely on what the business does for us and what we can do to further expand what the business can do for us, and still remain motivated, productive and happy. But there comes a time when you’ve achieved a point of diminishing returns on work that is just about more money, more money, more money.

We each have a natural desire to have a positive impact on others. You see this in even the most selfish child. One minute they’re saying no one can play with their toys, and the next they are trying to make a sad child smile.  We may think of ourselves first for much of our lives, but at our core, we feel best when we are helping others feel better in some way too. Who wants to spend time at a party where everyone is depressed? We enjoy our lives when surrounded by the happiness of others. And we are uplifting by seeing ourselves have this effect on others.

As you do your work today, notice opportunities to put a smile on someone’s face.  At least once each year, ask yourself what your product or service is really doing for your customers/clients and identify a new way to give even more benefit than you’ve been giving, and not out of a desire to get more back from the recipient in return.

I’d like to share this video with you that I created from the second chapter of my book, Being Bliss, that is on the power of Love in Action. I believe that watching it will emotionally reach you in a way that allows you to tap into the inspiration of your natural inclination towards work as service.

Please let me know what you think, and share your stories of love in action, whether through your work or some other area of your life.

Indigo Ocean

Indigo Ocean

Indigo is the author of "Being Bliss" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." She has been a prolific entrepreneur and innovator who has founded several companies and service projects. Indigo currently focuses on her writing and her service project at TheWinningStart.com

5 thoughts on “Work as Service: Connecting with your natural desire to uplift others”

  1. Hey Indigo
    Great post with an important point that is all to easy to lose sight of. Like you said, the need to provide for ourselves and meet financial obligations,etc..can easily put us on a track of working at a job just to make money. But, if we have a strong longing to do something else, especially something that will make a positive impact on others, this life can feel stifling.

    The advice to be on the lookout for ways to help people now is great..we can always do that no matter what.

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