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Workplace happiness? There’s an app for that

jobloveCan woo-woo company decisions to offer staff personal trainers, yoga classes, and encourage them to “chill out, go for a walk, go sit by our lake, hang out, meditate,” ever lead to increased revenue, decreased customer support tickets, and HR complaints cut in half? Well apparently, yes. And good news, there is now an app that will help companies plan, track, measure, and thereby continue to build upon proven methods. Turns out, the happier the staff is, the more successful the company is, by even the most objective measures of success.

Here’s the research:

Now one might say that one shouldn’t need an app to tell them that workplace happiness is good for the company, and that it comes from treating people like complete human beings. Acknowledging that they need to care for their bodies, release emotions and have support for a happy mental attitude and good mood. Yet in too many workplaces, being cynical is the norm, and the “happy people” feel ridiculed or at least respected less.  So clearly there is a need for something. If this crazy world of ours require it learn to do this from an app, so be it. More humanity in the workplace is only a good thing, no matter what tools a company needs to use to justify their behavior to shareholders.

Indigo Ocean

Indigo Ocean

Indigo is the author of "Being Bliss" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." She has been a prolific entrepreneur and innovator who has founded several companies and service projects. Indigo currently focuses on her writing and her service project at TheWinningStart.com

6 thoughts on “Workplace happiness? There’s an app for that”

  1. This actually sounds pretty interesting…I mean there’s ann app for almost everything, but workplace happiness is an area that could definitely use some help!!

    1. Seriously! I am a bit baffled that they actually need an app to tell them some of these things. But I guess they have to justify decisions to profit-driven shareholders.

  2. Hey Indigo
    The last part of what you said really resonated with me. It is so interesting to me how much trying to be happy and better is seen as ‘strange’ or something else negative. I have always found that cynicism fascinating. I’ll take happiness any day..if people think I’m weird, so be it!

    1. It still surprises me, especially when I go into corporate environments. I’ve been inside a lot of companies as a business process consultant, and the norm is definitely a low level cynicism, sometimes masquerading as “professionalism.” Is it any wonder the decisions coming out of these institutions?

  3. I guess the app is like the Rossetta stone app for neuroplasticity. It’s interesting how we are trying to manipulate the brain. I wonder what the stats are for people it works on and doesn’t. I’m not sure where you found this info Indigo but it’s really a great one!

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